Let’s Get Creative! Highlights from Creatives Connect Lagos

We are still riding on the cool wave of the just concluded Creatives Connect Lagos which held at our favourite coworking space in Lagos, WorkStation NG. The STYLVO Team brought their A Game, despite the long nights, early mornings, weeks of planning, and other heavy-lifting we had to do.


We honestly love what we do, so we’ll get the hard work done just to deliver value and an unforgettable experience to our community. Thankfully, we had some superstar brands that partnered with us and provided incredible support to us. From our world class coworking space (Workstation), the delicious healthy food by Nuli Juice, the undeniably goodness supplied by So Yummy Popcorn, to the best cake vendor Fimies DessertVille. We sure had enough to keep our mouths busy!

Then on to the gift bag sponsors for our speakers, we were supported by our go-to skincare brands Oriki Group and R&R Luxury and makeup brand Zaron cosmetics.


Now let’s give you highlights of how Creatives Connect played out.


Firstly, why Creatives Connect?

Creatives’ Connect is a one day networking event that aims to connect creatives in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. We gather bright creatives, influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to network and spark conversations around different topics from digital influence, blogging, business to brand partnerships.


We believe that everyone was born to create. We know that creativity shapes our identity and helps us innovate.

We understand the frustration that comes from having unique ideas, but with little or no support.

Above all, we believe that as creators, we can turn our passions into profit, build a community and give others a blueprint to create more impact.


The theme of this edition was Digital Influence and Entrepreneurship and we honestly believe that we had the BEST set of speakers because they sure DELIVERED! It was important for us to bring on board people that were digital influencers in their own right, started building a brand for themselves and are open enough to share and connect with our attendees.


Our Superstar Key Speakers:

Noble Igwe, Founder of Style Vitae (Topic: Strategies for Monetizing your influence)

Dimma Umeh, Youtuber and Blogger (Creating Impact through Video)

Tosin Alabi, Founder of Naija Naturals and Youtuber (Building Structure in Your Creative Business)


Our creative panellists:

Topic: How to Break into the Fashion and Beauty Industries

Dodos Uvieghara, Founder of D’Artiste by Dodos

MaryJane Ohobu, General Manager of Zaron Cosmetics

Ezinne Alfa, Founder of Beauty  Directory NG

Nwando Ebeledike, Founder of Nale Fashion House.


The event started with a prayer session led by Ursula Sebastine , as we committed the event into God’s hands. Following that was an introduction by the Founder of STYLVO and Creatives Connect, Elizabeth Laiza Kalu, who talked about the story of STYLVO and why Creatives Connect was launched. She highlighted the importance of adding value to the industries you serve, collaborating with like minds to help support your vision, and turning your passion into a profitable business.



We had a fun time getting to know each other through our icebreakers game where everyone introduced themselves and briefly told us some interesting things about them. Everyone was given a pack of tissue paper to roll as much as they wanted. The number of tissue stripes they rolled determined how many things we all got to hear about them. It was a great way to get to know everyone’s name, what they did and other fun things about them.We’ll have to say our anchors (Delphine Okobah and Chisom) were amazing!


We got a surprise visit from the Founder of Nuli Juice, Ada Osakwe, a creative food entrepreneur we truly admire. She is the founder and CEO of Agrolay Ventures, a four in one company, Nuli Juice, Nuli Foods, Nature’s Bounty and African Courier Express. She previously served as the Senior Investment Adviser to Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, Nigeria’s former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development between 2012 and 2015. Indeed she’s a power woman working hard to put Africa on the global map for good.

Ada talked about the vision of Nuli Juice and how they’ve built the brand into a lifestyle company. She emphasized on the importance of networking and how it has helped her get to where she is. We really appreciate the fact that she came to support us and encouraged us to keep pushing towards our creative ventures.


Dimma Umeh, aka That Igbo Chick), popular Youtuber and beauty blogger took the stage and talked on the topic- Creating Impact through Video. She told us how she started her blog and Youtube channel, some of the challenges faced and how she’s been able to work with both local and international brands. Through her makeup tutorials online, she’s been able to build a cult following and encourage a new generation of digital influencers and enthusiats in Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

Tosin Alabi, Founder of Naija Naturals and Youtuber where she discusses Faith, Hair, Business and Lifestyle. Tosin came with her A-game, prepared to teach on – How to Build Structure in Your Business as a Creative Entrepreneur. She talked about everything from registering your company, taking charge of your taxes, creating a media kit, setting your prices ahead of time, to putting your books in order.

Noble Igwe, Founder of Style Vitae and fashion influencer took the stage and captivated the audience with his story and how he’s been able to monetize his influence. With over 100k engaged followers on Instagram, he sure knows what works for his target market.

“It’s okay to put a price on your influence. First decide who you want to be- don’t do fashion if you don’t like it that much. Organize your online space. Decide who your target audience is. Post consistetly.”

Our panel speakers were totally engaging as they all shared their experiences starting their brands, working with brands and how they’ve been able to create a business so far.



We are definitely looking forward to the next Creatives Connect Event. In the mean time, stay connected with us for all the good stuff via our email list- Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter

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